Founded in 1964, Montana Trout Unlimited is the only statewide grassroots organization dedicated solely to conserving, protecting and restoring coldwater fisheries. Montana Trout Unlimited is comprised of 13 chapters representing more than four thousand members around the state.
The Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) uses revenues from offshore drilling to fund conservation and recreation projects on public lands throughout the United States. In March 2019, Congress permanently authorized the LWCF and is currently considering $900M/year of permanent funding, the full amount prescribed by Congress in 1965.

Montana Trout Unlimited is advocating for a permanent, dedicated, and fully-funded LWCF because it has been critical to protecting important cold water habitat and securing public access to our land and water. This map identifies locations on streams and rivers across Montana that could benefit from new or improved access points funded by LWCF.

Map Legend

Existing Site
Potential New Site
Needs Improvement

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